A child of Berkeley California’s gourmet ghetto, Lisa Scott Owen studied fine art from a very young age, spending her summers in the artist community created at the Arizona home of her grandparents John and Ruth Waddell. Lisa began focusing on collage and photography in her early teens, her work was first published in Thrasher magazine and in her later teens she moved to Hawaii to pursue surfing. While living there, she apprenticed for portrait and fashion photographer Mary Ann Chang. Trying modeling for a misguided moment, she had the opportunity to work with many of Hawaii’s best surf photographers most importantly Warren Bolster who became a friend and mentor.
In order to improve her work in early 20′s, she took the opportunity to apprentice for Color, Light, Composition and Art History with her grandfather John Henry Waddell, studied Art Theory with Frederick Sommer and learned darkroom skills from her photographer/film maker father, Sean Wilder Owen. After that, Lisa moved to Rome, Italy, dreaming of studying with cinematographer Vittorio Storaro inspired by his writings about light and his work with Federico Fellini.  There, she had the opportunity to meet, get advice from and photograph Carlo Di Palma, but studying with Vittorio Storaro wasn’t meant to be. So she traveled to Florence and studied Italian, Art History and did apprenticeships in Architecture with Patrizia Petrogrande, Design with Simonetta Doni and Photography with Roberto Quagli .   Upon returning to the states, she continued her studies at The Evergreen State College receiving a B.A. in Photography.
    contact: lisa @ lisascottowen.com